Mock Sour Cream (Dairy-free)

One of my allergy books has a recipe for mock sour cream. No dairy, no eggs! It is made from cashews…can you believe that? Well, it’s true. Below is a link to the same recipe as is in my book. It can be used in place of sour cream, or as a substitute mayonnaise. I found it worked well in my creamy cucumber-dill soup, and you could probably make a creamy salad dressing from it…the possibilities are endless!

Of course, being made from cashews, it’s not low-fat, but take heed: cashews have less fat than other nuts. Plus, the fat is monounsaturated fat, a “good fat,” that helps lower LDL cholesterol, raises HDL cholesterol, and lowers triglycerides. So enjoy this without guilt!

RecipeZaar: Mock Sour Cream (Dairy-free)

In the link, it calls for rice milk, which is just what I used. The original recipe used soy milk, but the elimination diet Lori and I are following excludes soy. Depending upon the consistency desired, for a thicker result, I would recommend either slightly more cashews than listed in the recipe, or a bit less on the liquids. Also, be sure to use canola oil, which is allowed on the diet; whereas vegetable oil is not.

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2 Responses to Mock Sour Cream (Dairy-free)

  1. loribee59 says:

    if you really want to make this while on the elimination diet, try using canola oil instead of vegetable oil. Vegetable oil isn’t allowed in the diet until after re-introduction. just thought to let you know that :)

    • Jennifer says:

      Thanks Lori, I knew that! But since I only use canola oil anyway and never use vegetable oil (even before the diet), I forgot to mention that in the post. I didn’t even think of it! I updated my post to reflect the switch to canola.

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