Welcome to our blog about healthy eating, primarily based upon the elimination diet. We’re not sure just what this blog will contain, but it will chronicle our (Lori & Jennifer) experiences with the¬†elimination diet, ideas for meals, recipes, shopping, reading labels, etc.

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  1. Aunt Jayne says:

    Good start on your blog!! :)
    Are you also staying away from processed foods?
    There is quite often gluten hiding in processed foods, things like hydrolized plant proteins etc.
    Check out my blog, as well as http://www.celiac.com (both contain lists of stuff to watch out for)
    My blog also has alot of recipes, although you will have to tweak some of them because I do not abstain fromas many things as you ladies.
    Take care of you,
    Aunt Jayne

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thank you, Aunt Jayne! Lori had been at the elimination diet for approximately two months or so. Me, only 6 days! Lori is my inspiration for starting this diet to determine food sensitivities. So, for the first month, then the reintroduction period, my diet will be more strict until I know I have no reaction to certain groups. Even if I don’t have a reaction to certain groups, it is still my intent to eat them sparingly, like dairy, sugar, and meat. I’d probably prefer to avoid soy as much as possible, and I hope I don’t react to nightshades!!

    • loribee59 says:

      Nightshades…. I know I couldn’t live without my beloved tomatoes and potatoes… imagine my huge relief that I didn’t react to that food group…! One thing that I need to mention and my doctor told me this…after you re-introduce the food, and measure your reaction the day after–if you have no reaction to re-introduced food, you can go ahead and eat the re-introduced food. What I did, I waited a week after I re-introduced nightshades, and then I started eating them. Pure joy! :)

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