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After losing 10 pounds last year, I kind of lost my motivation to lose weight. I haven’t been grossly overweight, but I was pushing 50-60 pounds more than I should be. After again having the new year’s resolution motivation, I lost 25 pounds this time by simply walking. I still have 20-30 to go and it’s been challenging. My foot got infected back in May and I couldn’t walk (exercise-walk) for 4 or 5 weeks. Getting out of the habit is a bad thing, I need to get back walking. At the end of August, I was just about ready to do that…I actually got a jump start with a trip to New York City. Walking there is a no-brainer, when you spend a good day in NY, you have to walk. We took the subway alot as we usually do, but I still managed to get in more than 29,000 steps (11.74 miles)! Unfortunately, my right big toenail, which was already cracked from when I first started walking, couldn’t handle the intensity. It slowly started getting bruised underneath the nail, which worsened throughout the first week of September. By last weekend, it was so dark and painful, I knew it wasn’t going to get better. Bottom line, I lost the nail and it’s healing now. So, once it feels better I’ll be back walking. I enjoy walking around downtown Indianapolis, but when the weather doesn’t cooperate, I enjoy Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home DVD’s. They are awesome!

I am feeling motivated now…my daughter, my mother and I attended the “Speaking of Women’s Health” conference in Indianapolis on Friday. It’s a wealth of information on women’s health issues, health screenings, informational seminars, and great giveaways!

Goal 1: Lose the rest of the weight by the end of the year. At 2 pounds a week, that’s do-able!

Goal 2: Improve my cholesterol numbers. They are abysmal!! I knew this from last year’s conference. Now I have to start working on it…I’m going to eat more oatmeal, reduce my sugar intake, take green tea, fish oil, turmeric and most important – walk! However, while I am hoping on an improvement, I am afraid that heredity will be fighting me. My whole family has high cholesterol, but everyone’s otherwise healthy: my grandmother’s total cholesterol is over 300, and she’s over 101. Go figure!

As far as endo, other than some occasional mild tenderness and occasional twinges, things are still going well since my surgery 4 years ago. :)

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