A weighty problem

Part of the problems I had with endometriosis and adenomyosis prior to the surgery, were intense pain and cramping, and problems with eating certain foods. I have always had a marginal digestive system, but endo / adeno really made it worse. I was excited about feeling better after the surgery, and could have started exercising afterward, but I don’t really like to exercise. I have plenty of exercise tapes and DVDs I enjoy, but I have a real motivation problem! About 15 years ago, I’d exercise alot, but I wasn’t interested in many of the things I currently enjoy doing – cooking, Italian heritage, genealogy, Italian lessons, photography, computer graphics…the list goes on.

At the time of my surgery, my weight wasn’t too bad. I had done Weight Watchers and had gotten down to only 10 or so pounds above my ideal – by diet alone, because I really couldn’t exercise due to endo / adeno. So, weight loss wasn’t as much of an issue as recovery from surgery and focusing on that. As well as I have felt after my surgery at the Center for Endometriosis Care, the problem I experienced was that because I could “eat anything I wanted ” (see my entry of September 15, 2004), I did… and before you know it, weight gain creeped up on me while I wasn’t paying attention. I wish I had been paying attention, because 40 pounds later, I was feeling it!

I was having trouble breathing for the past year (2006) and just generally miserable about my shape. So, I went to the doctor at the beginning of January and she gave me an inhaler to help me breathe so I can exercise. I couldn’t do the Tae Bo tapes or DVDs I had, they were too intense for my non-existent level of fitness. The hope is that as I exercise and lose weight, breathing will be easier. So far, I have lost 10 pounds and I’m starting to feel a little better already. I’m looking forward to being my old self! At least now I can exercise and not deal with the endo and adeno, and the inhaler helps with breathing. The motivation part was my biggest issue….but I found a new activity that I enjoy and can do for a long time because it’s so fun.

I have a Playstation 2, and last Christmas (2005), I bought one of those DDR dance pads for my daughter…well, I ended up using it more than she does! The first game I bought, DDR Max2: Dance Dance Revolution, has pretty good dance moves, though it can be difficult to get the hang of. The only drawback to the better DDR games (at least if you aren’t in your teens or 20′s, ) is that the music is current dance club music. I like that to an extent, but after a while, it all starts sounding the same, so that’s the only thing that got me bored with it. I thought the game concept could be so much better if they had a wider variety of music….enter a game called Dance Factory. This Playstation 2 game works with your own music CDs, so you can dance to any music you like. Unfortunately, it’s not perfect by any means; the auto – generated dance patterns aren’t really like dancing, just synchronized foot stepping. I’m sure DDR aficionados would find it’s simplistic patterns to be too easy and clunky. Someday, I am sure they’ll come out with a better version of the game, but for the time being, it gets me moving to music I enjoy, and helps me lose weight. Dance Factory helps me achieve that goal, so I’m fine with it!

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